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Attorney Fees – Home of the 15% Contingency Fee


What is a Contingency Fee?

Attorneys that handle personal injury cases charge what is commonly known as a “Contingency Fee”. This means you don’t pay the lawyer any attorney fee unless the case is successfully resolved by settlement or verdict. Notably, I only charge a 15% contingency fee in car accident cases, when I am able to resolve your case successfully without filing a lawsuit. About 90% of the time, I am successful in resolving claims without having to file a lawsuit.  If you call around, you will find that most injury attorneys typically charge a  minimum 33% contingency fee, and up to as much as 50%, depending on whether a lawsuit is filed and trial is required. Many attorneys  file lawsuits first, without trying to negotiate a fair settlement for the client and this costs the client  substantially more in attorney fees and legal costs. I will work hard to negotiate a fair settlement for you, without putting you through the cost, stress, and delay of a lawsuit. Chances are good that I can save you many thousands of dollars in attorney fees and legal costs by helping you avoid litigation.

Compare Attorney Fees, Experience, Reputation, and Services Offered

Before you decide on your attorney, you should consult with several attorneys and compare their attorney fee contracts. You should also consider and compare reputations, levels of experience, services offered, and office management style in order to determine the best fit for you and your case.

15% Contingency Fee

As noted above, I charge only a 15% Contingency Fee if I am able to settle your car accident case without filing a lawsuit. By comparison, most attorneys charge a minimum 33% Contingency Fee, which is more than double the attorney fee that I charge. This difference in attorney fees can cost the client many thousands of dollars. For this reason, please don’t rush into hiring a lawyer who wants to file a lawsuit immediately, without trying to negotiate for you first, and consequently charges you higher attorney fees. Why not first hire an attorney who will make every reasonable effort to resolve your case first, without resorting to expensive litigation? Certainly, lawsuits are sometimes required … but many cases can be resolved successfully without a lawsuit.

Examine the Attorney Contract Carefully

If you are comparing attorneys, it is essential that you compare the attorney client contract before you sign. Commonly, attorney contracts obligate the client to pay attorney fees even if the client is dissatisfied with the lawyer or if the client wants to discharge the lawyer and hire a new one. In contrast, I pledge to provide my clients with a written contract that specifically allows the client the right to terminate the attorney contract any time before the case is settled, without claim of attorney fee, if the client is unhappy with the way their case is being handled. This pledge gives my clients the peace of mind of knowing that I stand behind my work and quality of service. I gladly give this pledge to demonstrate my dedication to my clients.

What Attorney Qualities Are You Looking For??? …. Compare Experience, Reputation, and Services

Just as attorney fees vary among attorneys, so do other important qualities … like attorney experience, reputation, and client services. I have earned an AV-PREEMINENT Rating with Martindale-Hubbell, as discussed on the home page. According to Martindale-Hubbell, this AV-PREEMINENT Rating is the highest possible rating in both Legal Ability and Ethical Standards. This rating attests to a lawyer’s legal ability and professional ethics and reflects the confidential opinion of fellow members of the Attorney Bar. The AV-PREEMINENT Rating is a testament to the fact that the lawyer’s peers rank him or her at the highest level of professional excellence.

It is likewise important to compare the difference in attorney-client services and management styles.

For example: Who answers the phone when you call your attorney? Who handles the details of your case? Will the attorney return your phone calls? Will the attorney meet with you personally? Will the attorney reply to your emails? Will the attorney explain the process of your case to you? I pledge to personally handle all aspects of your case: I will answer the phone, return your calls and emails promptly, request and read your medical records, write all the letters, negotiate with the insurance company, and handle the final documentation of case resolution. Be wary of large law firms who may allow a non-lawyer to initially meet with you and have you sign an attorney contract. After they “sign you up”, you may then discover that you are rarely allowed to personally interface with the lawyer who you thought you hired and who you thought would manage your case. This will not happen with me. I will personally handle every aspect of your case and will personally meet and talk with you as often as you feel necessary.